Don't Take It From Us!  Here Is What People Are Saying About Neoweather!

H&M Landscaping

Nick Tinik – Maintenance Manager

“H&M Landscaping and H&M Snow Pro’s Has Now Partnered with NEOweather Consulting for years. We used to subscribe to the Over Priced Weather app service, but never got anything but the generic blanket forecast that everyone received. We made the switch to NEO because of the personalization and customized service they provide. They truly care about their clients and making sure they have updated weather info.”

Being one of the largest Plow contractors in Ohio, we service a wide geographical area From Mentor to Westlake down to Akron. Neoweather sends a detailed forecast to the different geographical supervisors. This is Huge because as we all know the weather in Cleveland can vary from one side of the Cuyahoga river to the other. Snow Plow contractor’s biggest expenses are labor and materials. Having the Most accurate up to date forecast saves us on both those cost, by being able to plan city to city differently. With Neoweather it’s not just here’s your forecast and that’s the forecast. They send constant updates throughout the entire event from days before all the way through the event until its passed. They are always available via a phone call or email 24 hrs. a day and most importantly when the snow is flying or it’s storming.

Another service they offer is Weather Forensics. This has saved us money by being able to provide historical weather data to a customer that might dispute our services. It’s nice to have the history and research NEO offers to provide the evidence they need to OK an invoice in question. Neoweather has been a great working partner and I’d strongly recommend them to anyone in the snow, landscaping, or turf business no matter the size of the company you have.”

Growing Green Lawn Care

Keith Fisher – Owner

“These guys are rock stars! I loved calling them up on the phone asking when upcoming storm chances were and how they would impact me. It allowed me plan if I needed the equipment ready for working in the dirt or the snow. They prepared me for possible drought conditions in the spring and gave me plenty of notice for a significant ice storm last winter. I would recommend Neoweather to anyone that needs to know an accurate forecast.”

King Landcare

Tom King – Owner

“Working with Neoweather, LLC is a crucial component to our Snow & Ice Management Team. As we all know, winter weather is ever changing and can be extremely demanding. Neoweather is prompt to provide us with in depth forecasting details & weather updates giving us the ability to prepare well in advance for any type of winter event, big or small. Their ability to forecast many different areas describes their quality & experience as weather consultants. With their consistent expert advice & professionalism, I know Neoweather is going to be a very successful company! I would highly recommend their weather consulting services to anyone in the snow removal business!”

Mark Johnson

WEWS Chief Meteorologist

“Neoweather is here for the long run. My friends at Neoweather love weather, forecast with integrity, and they’re central members of the community. Most importantly with 10 years of long range forecasting under their belt they are a proven, accurate short-term and long-term weather source.”