40 Years Ago

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While the weather on this January 26th, 2018 is quiet, a winter storm 40 years ago to this date was wreaking havoc across the Buckeye State. It came to be known as the Blizzard of 1978. We will go back into that time period and describe how the storm impacted Ohio. The day before (January 25th, 1978), there were two … Read More

Feet Of Snow Fell Thanksgiving Weekend 1950

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The Snow Plow News forecast shows a pretty mild weather pattern for the week ahead. There will likely be a period of above average temperatures. Those will last through the beginning of December. Not much cold air will happen from the Plains and eastward is on tap until mid month. The video below looks at the forecast for this week and … Read More

Ice Storm of ’98

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A series of low pressure systems brought multiple rounds of freezing rain to parts of Canada and New England in the early days of 1998. This remarkable storm was a prime example of the destructive potential of major ice storms. From January 4 to January 10, three to five inches of ice accumulated in a swath along the Saint Lawrence … Read More

Elements of Spring: the Daylight Saving Time

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One of the sure signs the first official day of the astronomical spring is the Daylight Saving Time a couple weeks in advance of the first day of spring in March – something that will go in effect this weekend,  in fact.  You can read further about the differences between the meteorological first day of spring (March 1) and the … Read More

A Night of Cold Tornadoes

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Warmth is a key ingredient for tornadoes, but the events of February 22, 1975 put this to the test. Between 12:30 and 3:00 am, southwest Oklahoma experienced a total of 6 tornadoes, leaving 3 dead and 34 injured. Temperatures were in the 30’s and 40’s, and a period of sleet and snow followed. Was this a momentary lapse in the … Read More