Hurricanes vs Cyclones & How They Form

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Hurricane Michael rammed into the Florida Panhandle Wednesday, October 10th, causing significant damage to property, public safety, and life. With winds reaching 155 mph, Michael was just 2 mph shy of a Category 5 hurricane upon landfall and is the strongest storm to impact the continental U.S. since 1992.  Hurricane Michael also had the third lowest recorded pressure of all … Read More

Damage Left Behind As Irma Weakens

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The storm has been blamed for more than 40 deaths, including six in Florida. Multiple deaths are to blame from falling trees in Georgia today. One case could have been a lot worse when a tree fell right in front of a car in Georgia. The captivating video below shows how things could have been even worse. The lady driving … Read More

Hurricane Irma Moves Into Florida

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Hurricane Irma is still a major storm even after weakening caused by interaction with Cuba. As it drifts back over the favorable ocean waters and moves into the Florida Straights there will likely be more strengthening. Nonetheless a major hurricane will impact much of Florida. Irma hurtled toward Florida with 125 mph winds Saturday on a projected track that could … Read More

Hurricane Irma Becomes a Category 4

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Hurricane Irma is churning mainly westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Irma is a major Category 4 hurricane and continues to grow in size with near perfect conditions around the storm. Those very favorable conditions will be persistent along its path in the coming few days. We know that the storm is going to stay strong as it moves across … Read More

Florida Wildfire Risk Continues

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When you think of large wildfires that make the news, you probably think of California or somewhere else in the Southwest. Florida is a peninsula that sits surrounded by water and normally plenty of humidity. This means tropical rains are fairly common and the fire danger is normally low. An extended dry pattern is making the norm far from reality. … Read More

Severe Weather To Impact The Southeast US Today

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Severe weather continues across the south this morning with a line of severe weather across parts of Alabama and the Florida panhandle.  A new Tornado Watch is now in effect until 1 pm CDT for southern Alabama and most of the Florida panhandle.  Severe storms will continue to move eastward into Georgia and the Carolinas this afternoon and evening. The … Read More