Christmas Eve Snow Drops A Couple Inches For Most Ohioans

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Are you happy we will get more snow for Christmas? It’s been a few years across much of Ohio that we have not been able to see the grass Christmas Day. This year things change as a low pressure system comes out of the Midwest and strengthens across western PA tossing moderate snow across a good chunk of Ohio. [socialpoll … Read More

Holiday Travel Forecast: Rain, Snow, and Delays Expected

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It’s no secret that days leading up to Christmas are some of the busiest travel days of the year, as families travel across the country to reunite.  Unfortunately mother nature does not always cooperate.  This year appears more dicey than most, with rain, snow, and icy roads possible across the midwest. Saturday A cold front will push across the Great … Read More

White Christmas Chances Increasing For Northern Ohio

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snow moves through Christmas Eve

If you love the magic watching snowflakes tumble to the ground while opening gifts with friends and family on Christmas Eve. If you long for living a real life Christmas story, which features walking down the stairs to a new-fallen snow Christmas morning then we have a forecast for you. A couple of low pressures systems will likely set up … Read More

Christmas Snowstorm for the Great Lakes

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WINTER STORM CONDITIONS EXPECTED AREA OF IMPACT: Great Lakes TIMING: Christmas Day (Sunday) Winter storm conditions are expected to impact areas of the Great Lakes as we move into Christmas Day. Snow, freezing rain, and sleet all look to be major issues across the region. A strong low pressure center is expected to roll off the front range of the … Read More