Deadly Thomas Wildfire Continues to Spread in California

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Over the past two weeks, numerous wildfires have ignited across the state of California.  High pressure, dry conditions, and a special flow pattern in Southern California called the Santa Ana Winds have helped to drive one of the largest recorded wildfires in state history, the Thomas Wildfire.  The fire has ravaged over 267,000 acres over its two week lifespan, and … Read More

Major System brings heavy rains, snow to Northern California

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A major system off the coast of California will be streaming in plenty of moisture, leading to several inches of rainfall and snowfall (mountainous regions) for Northern California.  One can guess this heavy precipitation will fall most along the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  A commonplace for Northern California, the Sierra Nevada mountain range provides a “block” where all the moisture … Read More

Possible Flooding and Mudslides For Already Soaked California

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California has seen the lions share of precipitation this winter,  with a constant stream of tropical moisture hosing the state.  The rain has broken drought conditions across the northern half of the state,  but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Year to date precipitation measurements taken by the National Weather Service in Sacramento are nearly … Read More

Crisis in Oroville: A Failing Spillway and More Rain On The Way

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Not long ago, the news was full of California’s exceptional drought conditions with nearly dry lakes and rivers.  Lately, it’s been about too much rain.  Going from one extreme to another is never a good thing and too much rain, after a few years of drought, is welcoming at first but can create problems later.  We’re seeing these issues this … Read More

Active Jetstream to Dump Rain on California

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California needs the rain. The southern two thirds of the state are in a drought and have been for quite some time. The good news is, some relief is on the way, and rain is already falling across parts of the state. It won’t be a drought buster, but eye-popping rainfall totals will certainly make a dent in some regions, … Read More