Perseid Meteor Shower Peeks Through Monday

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It’s the time of year where the fireballs shoot through the sky and entertain millions of sky-watchers across the Northern Hemisphere. The Perseid Meteor shower is one of the grander astronomical events and it will be at its peek Saturday through Monday night. The mid August celestial sensation can best be seen with clear skies on Sunday night. The Perseid … Read More

‘Super Blue Moon’ Will Show Up Wednesday

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The Earth’s favorite lunar friend will put on a show this week. It’s being a called the moon’s triple threat. Are you ready for the ‘Super Blue Moon’? The triple threat has not happened since 1982 and we won’t see another one until 2037. So what’s all going to happen? On Wednesday, we’ll get to see not only a blue … Read More

Solar Eclipse Information

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As we gear up for the big sunny (or briefly sunless) show on Monday, August 21 here is some information about the solar eclipse of 2017. A solar eclipse is when the earth, moon and sun line up just right so the moon blocks the sun casting a shadow on the earth. The day will go completely dark for a … Read More

What You Should Know About The Perseid Meteor Shower

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If you like astronomy and cool sights in the sky then you will definitely want to look up tonight. The Perseid meteor shower will be at its peak tonight and will be visible across much of the northern hemisphere. August is known as ‘meteor month’ because of the multiple shows the caused by outer space rocks streaking through the outer … Read More