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Stocking up on salt and scheduling your full staff for that blizzard the TV weatherman said was going to happen?  Well, the storm just missed leaving you fully staffed with wasted resources and money. Did your smartphone app change the snowfall forecast drastically five times today?  Where will the rain/snow line be?  How much ice will accumulate where my big shopping mall client is located?

We know how much these free sources can frustrate you. They can cost you a ton.

Weather is CRUCIAL to success in managing snow and ice.  If you are a medium to large sized operation, you need accurate weather information in order to make critical weather decisions.

  • Have zero tolerance accounts?
  • Pretreat, use liquids, or multiple deicers?
  • Have a variety of equipment?
  • Making thousand dollar decisions?

You will get a huge ROI from making better decisions with our service.

Having a dedicated weather team to answer questions, deliver easily to understand forecasts, and detail the impacts of each storm will set you apart from the competition!

All of our content is delivered to you in our easy to use Client Portal that also features an interactive radar.  Additionally, you can message our team and pay your bill all in one convenient spot!

Partner with Neoweather this winter season and you may save money after one missed forecast from your previous weather source!


Working with Neoweather, LLC is a crucial component to our Snow & Ice Management Team. As we all know, winter weather is ever changing and can be extremely demanding. Neoweather is prompt to provide us with in depth forecasting details & weather updates giving us the ability to prepare well in advance for any type of winter event, big or small. Neoweather may not be local, but their ability to forecast many different areas describes their quality & experience as weather consultants. With their consistent expert advice & professionalism, I know Neoweather is going to be a very successful company! I would highly recommend their weather consulting services to anyone in the snow removal business!

King Landcare, Spring Valley, IL
Tom King

Accurate Forecasts You Need!


Easy To Read Forecasts

Whether it's our Weekly Forecast or our Forecast Breakdown sent to you just prior to a storm, all of our forecast products are east to understand and focus on how the weather will impact your location and your operation. No meteorology degree required!


Client Portal

Our New Client Portal brings all of our content to you in one place! All forecast products are quickly delivered to you here.  Additionally, an Interactive Radar is available for your use!  You can also message us here with your questions and pay your bill. Additional features will be coming soon!


Phone/Email Support

You have your own dedicated meteorologist team when you partner with Neoweather. Send us any questions to help plan for treating or snow cleanup. Give us a call, e-mail us or message us through the Client Portal at any time for any weather support you need.

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