Accurate & Reliable Weather Data Makes Decisions Easier


We know how hard it is to decide as to whether school should be delayed or closed, especially when that decision has to be made at 4 or 5 AM! Safety is paramount in this decision – the safety of students, staff, and the community are all important. But we also understand that making sound decisions sooner helps parents determine what they need to do with their kids if school is delayed or cancelled.

We Provide Critical Weather Information, Such As:

  • Expected Snow and/or Ice
  • Temperatures, Wind & Wind Chill
  • Forecast Road Conditions

Superintendents have enough to worry about!  Why play “armchair meteorologist” at 3 AM or wait on the morning TV news to make decisions?  Let Neoweather provide peace of mind for your district with accurate weather forecasts and 24/7 support.  We’ll be here to help you make critical early morning decisions whenever you need us.


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