Mitigate Weather Risks At Your Event

While we cannot control the weather, we can help avoid unnecessary delays or cancellations, or help make a determination between a delay or cancellation. We take a safety first approach through our service to ensure that you have total confidence in your decision-making.

Below are some examples where weather impacted various events:

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

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Safety is a top priority at outdoor concerts, festivals, community events and more.  The planning and preparation for these events can take months and incur a large cost.  Why risk safety or a loss of revenue if you are not mitigating the risk the weather plays on your event.  Weather apps are not designed to provide you all the information you need when the weather threatens to delay or cancel your event.  Further, if you make the wrong decision, the risk of someone getting injured, or worse, increases.

More and more event planners, concert venues and festivals are turning towards private weather consultants to help mitigate the risk involved with making weather-relayed decisions that impact the safety of attendees and workers.  Neoweather can help you prepare for such contingencies in advance along with providing accurate forecasts and assisting with decision support.  Our service is customized to fit the needs of your event and our forecasts are for your specific location, unlike an app.

All of our forecasts can be delivered through our easy to use Weather Portal that also features an interactive radar.  Or we can deliver our forecasts to you in any method that works best for you.  Telephone, email and text support are also available!

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