Mitigate Risk With Smarter Weather Decisions

We can’t control the weather, but we can help avoid unnecessary delays or cancellations. We want your event to go off without a hitch.

Safety First! Below are some examples where weather impacted various events:


Whether you operate an outdoor concert venue, festival, or community event, safety is a main priority. Storms have injured and killed people at outdoor events and most of the time this can be prevented. Don’t trust a weather app or the judgment of people not trained in radar meteorology.

You can rest assured the Neoweather Consulting team is watching out for all weather hazards that will affect your event, no matter how big or small they may appear. We customize our services to provide just what you need. We’ll send you forecasts for set up and tear down or however long you need them.

All of our content is delivered to you in our easy to use Client Portal that also features an interactive radar.  Additionally, you can message our team and pay your bill all in one convenient spot!

We also offer weather decision support when the weather gets dicey. Whether you need phone, email,text or in-person support we’ll be here. An affordable, accurate and localized weather package is just a click away!

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