NEO Totals Snowfall Reports
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Reduce Contract Disputes With Certified Snowfall Reports from Neoweather, powered by Weather Command!

Address Specific Snowfall Reports!

The need for accurate post storm snowfall totals increases with each passing year.  While removing the snow from a property is important and at the center of your service, accurate billing is also just as important.

With costly contract disputes on the rise over how much snow fell during a given event, it's now more important than ever to back up your invoicing and even help protect yourself in court with NEO Totals Snowfall Reports, powered by Weather Command!

What's Included

Our certified NEO Totals Snowfall Reports include the following information:

  • Snowfall and/or ice accumulation.
  • Start & stop times for each event.
  • Maximum & Minimum Temperature.
  • Approximate height of drifted snow.
  • A running seasonal snowfall total for each location.
  • A summary of each event.

Reports are generated within 72 hours and are quality checked.  Reports can be accessed through an easy to use online dashboard.

Regional snowfall reports are also available and include:

  • Location Name
  • Snowfall Total
  • Running Seasonal Snowfall Total
  • Start and stop times, including maximum and minimum temperatures for select locations.

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Easy To Read And Use

NEO Totals Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command feature an easy to use dashboard where you can view the latest snow and ice events to impact your area. An easy to read PDF can also be downloaded.


Regional Storm Reports

Certified Regional Storm Reports are also available. This city-specific product gives you the overall impact of any storm.  A brief description of the event is also available. The report is able to be downloaded as a PDF.


Customized Charts by Date

Charts are automatically created for any date range you specify.  Whether it's one day or one month, quickly and easily see snow and ice totals for the selected location and date range.  Charts work great to help with billing too!

Address or Location Specific Reports

NEO Totals Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command are address specific reports.  When you sign up, you'll need to specify which addresses you wish to have included on your reports.  We'll help you with this process to ensure you have everything set up correctly.  After that, reports are automatically generated, quality checked and certified by a meteorologist within 72 hours after an event.  Most reports are available within 48 hours.

Regional Snowfall Reports show snow and/or ice reports for selected cities in a region.  While not address specific, they are great for large scale events impacting your coverage area, especially if you cover a large area.

NEO Totals Snowfall Reports can help you more accurately invoice your customers and avoid disputes.  More and more customers are now requiring third party snowfall reports before signing a contract.  Help protect your bottom line today with NEO Totals Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command!

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