Protect Your Operation Against Mother Nature

We know how vital accurate and reliable weather data is to the efficiency and safety of public interests.  There are plenty of sources for weather information available today but does that information really fit your needs?  Would you want to make decisions based off a smartphone app if public safety is at risk? We hope not. 

You need a partner that not only provides accurate weather data but also support any time you have questions or need help in decision-making based on the weather.  You need Neoweather!


Department of Public Works


Keeping roads clear of snow and ice and in top shape through repaving and road construction are the biggest tasks in any Public Works operation.  Neoweather provides critical weather data to several medium and large sized DPWs to ensure that have the most accurate weather forecast possible.  Save time through more efficient planning and scheduling.  Save money by staffing according to need based on the weather and more efficient use of deicers.  Rest assured that Neoweather will keep you ahead of the storm at every turn.

Airport Operations

Keeping you airport clear of snow and ice is absolutely critical to safety.  A runway full of snow and ice is a disaster in the making.

Let Neoweather help keep you informed:
  • Better Planning
  • Better Staffing
  • Increased Efficiency

Our forecasts are focused around your operation, ensuring that you have the critical weather information you need.  Ultimately, this helps to ensure you make the right decisions, saving time and money.  As a bonus, you’ll be able to better communicate your operating plan to airport operators, air traffic control and others.  Plus, we’re here for you 24/7 if you ever have questions or need assistance in making a decision.

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