Stay Ahead of Adverse Weather

Saving time & money by providing accurate weather content is what Neoweather Consulting does the best.  Weather can cause delays or make course maintenance difficult and create safety risks.  We provide accurate forecast information for your golf course to keep you ahead of Mother Nature.

Neoweather provides golf courses and country clubs with various forms of weather content, including:
  • Weekly & Daily Forecasts
  • Exclusive ThreatNet, which highlights significant weather threats for your course
  • Hourly Forecast Data

Our Weekly Forecast with our exclusive ThreatNet gives you a snapshot of the week ahead and highlights potential risks to your operation.  Daily forecast data allows you to plan out the day ahead with hourly forecast data and our ThreatNet highlighting potential weather risks for the day.

All of our content is delivered to you in our easy to use Client Portal that also features an interactive radar.  Additionally, you can message our team and pay your bill all in one convenient spot!

Stop Being a Hack - Become a Weather Pro

Why go it alone if you don't have to?  Have questions about the forecast, something you see or just want to talk about the weather with us?  Don't hesitate to pick up the phone or send a quick e-mail; we're here for you 24/7 to answer your pressing weather questions.


We Can Help With Course Safety & Efficient Operation

Accurate weather analytics can help you plan your scheduling around the weather.  Don't waste money & resources when it's going to be a washout!  With accurate weather information, you can stay informed about where rain and storms are and when to expect them to arrive in your area so you can better prepare events and maintenance around the weather.

Golf tournaments can draw large crowds and lots of money.  It would be a shame if all that time, planning and money put into them would get washed away because of a poor forecast or no forecast information at all!  You need to have reliable weather information ahead of time to not only prepare the course and finalize event plans but to also ensure the safety of golfers, spectators and employees.

Have a team of meteorologists on your side, looking out for you!

Personalized Clubhouse Forecast

Set yourself apart from the rest and enhance the clubhouse experience!  Daily forecast videos are available for use in the clubhouse and on your website!

Some features of our videos include:
  • Accurate Weather Information
  • Forecasts For Your Course
  • Professional Design & Feel
  • Custom Branding
  • Ability to Highlight Course Specials
  • Sponsor the video!

Videos can be sponsored and allow you to generate additional revenue while providing your guests with weather information they need!  We can also highlight specials and promotions you are running as well.  Contact Us for more information.

Ready To Add Accurate Weather Content To Your Operation?

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