Reliable Weather Data for Electric & Gas Companies

Predicting energy load is vital for the utility industry. Being ahead of adverse impacts from severe storms to major heat or cold allows for better resource management and saving thousands or millions of dollars.

From planning day-to-day load forecasts to long-range weather outlooks, accurate weather data is a must. Finding weather data customized for gas and electric load forecasting is difficult and is limited to a couple of large companies who provide this data at an equally large price.

Larger utility companies generally have their own on-staff meteorologists, who handle this data for their company.  Smaller regional, rural, and local utility companies do not have the overhead to support a full-time staff of meteorologists.  But you too can benefit from this data.


Any Energy Company Can Greatly Benefit

Mountaineer Gas Company has had a very good experience with Neoweather. Neoweather stepped in replacing another weather vendor that we had utilized for a very long time. They listened to our needs and created a customized forecast plan based on what we needed. The detailed weather forecast products are clear and concise and provide us with accurate information to help predict supply needs. Neoweather provides us with HDD and CDD data for previous day’s weather and their weekly long-range outlooks are informative and allow for better planning around weather trends. Any energy company can greatly benefit from the forecasts and reports.

Thomas D. Westfall
Mountaineer Gas Company

Affordable Load Forecasting

We provide past weather data and the unique forecast info you need surrounding:

  • HDD’s, CDD’s, temperature anomalies, moisture, wind, sky cover, precipitation, severe threats and more.
  • From one town to an entire state or region, Neoweather’s forecasts have you covered.
  • Our long range outlooks dive into “why” behind the pattern and discuss storm threats and active weather in the next few weeks. We detail temperature trends with maps and graphics. We also provide seasonal outlooks for long term planning.

Staying ahead of significant weather helps to lower the impacts Mother Nature may bring while keeping your costs down and operating more efficiently.

Sample Long Range Forecast

Click the image to the left to view a sample long range forecast.  Our long range forecasts are easy to follow and go in-depth on the latest weatere trends and what you can expect over the next few weeks, a month, or a season (depending on your specific needs).

See The Difference


Our forecasts go beyond just the numbers. Graphical data is delivered to you daily via our Weather Portal. Our forecasts provide clear and concise forecast data in an easy-to-understand format. No decoding or deciphering lines of numbers or mountains of data.


Click the image above to see an example of a daily forecast for a single location.


Click the image above to see an example of a daily forecast for multiple locations. This also includes previous days' weather data and a custom 10 day forecast to fit the client's request.

Customized To Fit Your Needs

Our forecast products are customized to fit your unique needs.  Not all utility companies operate the same and demands can change based on your geographic location.  Contact us today or request a free to quote to learn more about how Neoweather can help you operate more efficiently and stay ahead of Mother Nature.


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