Wildfires Continue to Roar in California

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A combination of dry conditions, high winds, and low humidity have helped to spark deadly wildfires across the state of California.  The state has seen its share of wildfires in the past decade, and the most recent outbreak is just another chapter.  As of late Wednesday, over a dozen fires remain active across the state, which have already burned more … Read More

One Month Can Make a Difference!

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The year began with 83% of California in a drought, but after a month of some incredible rain and snowfall, much needed relief has come. Let’s look at some data. There have been three distinct drought periods for California since 2000. The map above shows the percent of land covered in drought. Colors represent the severity of the drought based … Read More

Active Jetstream to Dump Rain on California

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California needs the rain. The southern two thirds of the state are in a drought and have been for quite some time. The good news is, some relief is on the way, and rain is already falling across parts of the state. It won’t be a drought buster, but eye-popping rainfall totals will certainly make a dent in some regions, … Read More