VIDEO: A look Through April

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The last few years we have seen some early spring extremes. Sometimes it’s dealing with constant chilly days and dreary skies. Even some very impactful snow events hit. Orrrrr we saw the exact opposite. March and April periods with beautiful sunny days and temperatures surging 30 degrees above average. Above are the temperatures compared to average so far in March … Read More

2018-2019 Winter Forecast

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2018-2019 Winter Snowfall

The leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter. Pretty soon the snowflakes and howling winds of Old Man Winter will materialize. The 2018-2019 Winter Forecast is here to show you where the warm, wet, cold, snowy and dry weather is likely. How Did We Do Last Year?             Pretty good! You’ll almost never … Read More

September 2018-2019 Winter Forecast Update

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The end of the widespread summer warmth is near and autumn leaves will soon be turning and falling. This must mean that snowflakes aren’t terribly far away. The 2018-2019 Winter Forecast is coming into view. Our last update did not have a ton of specifics. We are still thinking an El Nino pattern will develop for winter. There is still no … Read More

Major Pattern Change On The Way

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While winter hasn’t officially started yet – meteorological winter starts December 1st and astronomical winter starts December 21st  – this is typically the time of year when we begin to turn colder and we start seeing some snow.  While we’ve seen little bits of this, it hasn’t been able to really stick around in any one location for very long.  … Read More

Winter Isn’t Over Just Yet

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It’s been fairly warm this February.  So much so that it feels like it’s already spring and it’s here to stay.  A quick glance at the calendar says it’s still February and winter isn’t over just yet.  While meteorological spring starts in a week on March 1st,   astronomical spring is still a month away.  Don’t let the warm air … Read More

Hurricane Alex and 2017 Season Forecasts

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Meteorologists typically use June 1st as the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season but tropical cyclones have developed in the Atlantic prior to June 1st, most often in May. It was one year ago this week that the first hurricane of the 2016 hurricane season developed. While the development of a tropical cyclone in the North Atlantic during the month of January … Read More