WATCH: Fire Across the Sky!

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Many residents across the Midwest were treated with a brilliant spectacle very early in the morning on February 6th, 2017. A fireball shot across the skies in proximity to Lake Michigan. Luckily, several surveillance cameras across Illinois and Wisconsin were able to capture the sight for those of us who didn’t see it first-hand. What Is a Fireball? It is … Read More

Ten Years Ago This Week

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While we are basking in above normal temperatures in Northern Ohio this Valentine’s Day week, it was a far different story ten years ago this week. A strong area of low pressure early Valentine’s Day morning 2007 was located along the Ohio River bordering Ohio and West Virginia. North and west of the center, heavy snow and ice was occurring. … Read More

10 Amazing Weather Phenomena

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1. Gravity Waves When cold air gets trapped beneath warm air above,  it behaves a bit like bathwater. Because the cold air near the ground is higher in density,  disturbances from wind or topography cause a ripple effect,  sometimes visible in the form of gravity waves. 2. Asperatus Clouds Asperatus clouds form under the same conditions as gravity waves,  but rather than … Read More

Feet of Snow Buries Portions of Upstate New York

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Jumping into 6 FEET of fresh snow in Redfield, NY @MollyTott @weatherchannel #NYwx #ThatFormTho — Luke Culver (@LukeCulverWx) February 4, 2017 A significant lake-effect snow event hit portions of the Tug Hill plateau located in Upstate New York late last week and this weekend. After snow finally came to an end Saturday, some areas picked up over 6 FEET … Read More

Looking Back at the January 5-6, 2005 Winter Storm

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The winter of 2004-2005 was plagued by significant and historic weather events particularly across Ohio. A powerful winter storm arrived bringing a swath of heavy snow and significant icing from the Midwest to the Northeast as the new year of 2005 was being rung-in. The buckeye state was one of the hardest-hit locations from this storm system.   Creating an … Read More