Neoweather, LLC was founded in 2014 as a private weather consulting company with a focus on bringing localized, accurate, and affordable weather forecasts and support to the marketplace. We strive to provide a high quality and accurate forecast to all of our clients along with exceptional support to ensure total customer satisfaction.

It is our mission to provide our clients with accurate and reliable weather data they can use to make critical decisions that can affect safety, operating efficiency and the bottom line.  We do this through providing proactive, impact-based forecasts that are focused on each clients’ need, location, and more.  We support our clients through proactive weather updates via telephone, email, and text messages.

The Early Years







Neoweather finds its roots in 2009, when Jeremy Crookston, then in high school, creates a website as a way to keep friends and family informed of the latest winter weather conditions.  This expands into creating daily forecasts, a 7 day forecast, a website and daily weather videos.  As word got out about the website, others then joined in the fun with Eric Poston coming on board in late 2009, Mark Spencer in August, 2010 and Brian Ivey in 2011.

Neoweather expanded to Facebook in 2011, where we gained a sizeable audience in Northeast Ohio.  Efforts were made to gradually expand our reach into the entire state of Ohio.  By 2012, we had began expanding to cover all of Ohio and added several new members to the team.  A redesigned website, new logo and new forecast products were all introduced between 2012 and 2015.

In 2012, Neoweather began researching how we could provide our expertise to local businesses.  Two years of research followed along with countless hours of planning, designing, developing and more.  By 2014, we had already been approached by area businesses following us on our Facebook page to see if we would be able to provide them forecast information.  Thus in July, 2014 Neoweather, LLC was formed.


Neoweather started small with a couple of clients and gradually grew.  In 2016, several changes occurred.  We transitioned away from daily forecasting on our Facebook page to event-driven forecasts that impacted our clients to best serve their needs.  We also began adding new clients and explored marketing avenues in which to expand our services to clients in both new areas and new industries.

In 2017, we began growing as marketing efforts started paying off.  We added new clients and more staff.  2018 and 2019 saw more growth as additional clients were added.  In June of 2018, we attended our first industry trade show in Cleveland, OH.

We also partnered with Weather Command in 2019 to provide NEOTotals Snowfall Reports to clients.  This allowed us to expand our product offering and provide a vital service to those in the snow and ice management industry without the need for multiple service providers.

In late 2019, we gradually began acquiring clients from Air Science Consultants, dba Skywatch Weather, which was winding down their operation.  This greatly increased our customer base, allowing us to gain new clients in local governments, cities, school districts, gas companies, and more.

In 2020, we began rolling out our new Weather Portal system, which enables our clients to receive all forecast products and other weather data in one spot.

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Forecasts Improved With Time


Neoweather has plans to continue to grow but in size, scope, and culture.  Our goal is to provide a high-quality service, help ensure safety, and help our clients operate more efficiently, saving time and money.  We plan to expand our overall client base to cover multiple industries, expand our product and service offerings and continue to innovate how we do business by staying up to date on the latest technology.  We want to make it easy for our clients to get the data they need quickly knowing that they can trust that they are receiving accurate and reliable weather data to help them make smart decisions quickly and effortlessly.


Neoweather Through The Years

Here's a look at several images of what we have done and where we've been over the years.  Enjoy!

  • A behind the scenes look at Mark Spencer recording video.

  • Brian Ivey at our 2019 SIMA Snow & Ice Trade Show booth in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Neoweather snow and ice trade show

    Brian Ivey & Mark Spencer at the 2018 SIMA Snow & Ice Trade Show in Cleveland, OH.

  • 2018 SIMA Snow & Ice Trade Show in Cleveland, OH.

  • Brian Ivey & Mark Spencer discussing Hurricane Harvey.

  • Hurricane Michael Coverage.

  • Winter Forecast Video shoot, 2016.

  • Brian Ivey recording one of many promotional videos.

  • A promo shoot (this is not our office in the background).

  • 2020-2021 Winter Forecast.

  • Winter Forecast Video Shoot, 2015