New for 2020 – Call Alerting System

Mark SpencerAnnouncements, Business

Over the years, we have had a handful of requests for a call alerting service where a call is sent out to you prior to the snow falling.  We decided to look into this request near the end of the previous winter season to see what we could do. 

We’re excited to announce that we now offer a heads up call notification service when more impactful events are about to hit your area.  We’re still working on a name for this service, so you my hear it referred to something else in the near future. However, here is what we plan on using it for:

  • Impactful snowfall events of 6 inches or greater in a 12 hour time frame.
  • Significant ice events.
  • Overnight events when forecast snowfall is expected to exceed 3 inches.

Calls will go out 1-2 hours prior to the start of the snow or ice.  We will also use the service to send any significant weather alerts to you, such as major forecast changes or when conditions drastically deviate from what was forecast (it happens!).  Most calls however will follow the list above.

We use an automated call system to generate these calls, which will also leave a voicemail if you are unable to answer the call.

Affordable & Reliable

Pricing for this service starts as low as $100 per month for the first 10 call recipients and an additional $5/month for each additional caller. Bulk discounts are available if you have a large amount of call recipients. Contact us for details or to sign up!