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Being able to plan and strategize around a winter weather event is crucial. So many snow and ice management companies read and react to changing conditions. Other contractors are relying on weather apps and local TV forecasts. Many don’t know that this is greatly hurting time, efficiency and the bottom line.
Accurate weather forecasting and having an understanding of upcoming impacts to your operation is imperative for success. That’s where Neoweather comes in. We are a weather forecast and consulting company based in Cleveland, Ohio. We know crazy winter weather like the back of our hand. We deal with lake effect snow, blizzards and much more across the Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeastern United States.

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Neoweather is expanding our service into southern Ontario and southwestern Quebec. Snow contractors with low tolerance and high risk accounts can get peace of mind with our specific and customized weather information.

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We’ve helped local municipalities, large snow contractors and major cities manage their decisions around weather risk and save a significant amount of money. 

To say we were prepared and the forecasts you were sending were spot on is an understatement. The text updates are fantastic! I can say without question that our roads were clear and public safety was never an issue because we were working with the professionals from Neoweather.

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Over the years many people from Canada have reached out expressing their wishes for better weather services. We certainly strive to fulfill those needs. With all the decisions made around an active winter pattern, you deserve better information.

Our suite of forecast products address storm impacts, forecast confidence, unique details specific to your operation and of course the basic forecast data. These forecasts are presented very visually pleasing, so you don’t have to waste time sifting through extra fluff.

Neoweather doesn’t profit by hype. We’re here for honesty and accuracy with great communication. We would love for your to register for a webinar to learn more about how we can help you out. Let’s have a conversation.

Or if you are excited like we are and want to chat with us just fill out our free quote form and we’ll be in touch.