Big Warmup Begins, 70s-80s Widespread

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After a very chilly start to May we are poised to jump right into late Spring. A dramatic season flip happens shifting the weather pattern across the nation.

Wednesday still features cool temperatures across the Midwest, Ohio Valley and Great Lakes with highs topping out in the 50s and 60s. At least the sun is shining brightly across many areas north of I-70.

There will be a surge of rising temperatures along a warm front allowing Illinois, Indiana, far southern Michigan and Ohio to reach through the 70s on Thursday as shown above. This warmth spreads eastward across all of the Northeast for Friday.

In the video below we chat about the upcoming temperature trends and how there will be a pretty decent chance for heavy rain surging out of the Gulf Coast into the Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes.

We have seen some record late cold temperatures and accumulating snows across the region over the last week. This will make this pattern flip super noticeable. The change in pressure and temperature patterns across many regions in the globe will have a little staying power. The computer models have been catching onto this and what we get as a result is a colder pattern across the western US and much more warmth from the central to eastern part of America.

A couple cooler days might be possible early next week in the wake of a cold front. We’ll be right back to well above average over a large area for the second half of the week. We are talking very widespread low 80s. Below is the overall temperatures anomalies (compared to average) over the course of the next week.

The +3-6 temperatures are considered well above average for the weekly period. Look at how widespread those numbers are! Welcome to a toasty end of May.


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