NEW NEO Total Snowfall Reports Powered by Weather Command!

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New for the 2019-2020 Winter Season are our NEO Total Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command.  We are excited to partner with Weather Command to provide this new service to all of our clients who have a need for snowfall reports.  This service expands on what we have provided over the past couple of years and brings you even more information than before.

If you have a client that requires you to have a third party snowfall report or you need this product for billing purposes, look no further!

These new reports are available online within 72 hours of a snow or ice event.  Reports are certified by a consulting meteorologist and quality controlled to ensure accuracy.  You can easily download reports as a PDF and search past events at any time.

Reports can be searched by date and location or by event. 

NEO Total Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command can be found online with the option to download them as a PDF file or CSV file.


More data is included as well!  Besides snowfall and/or ice totals, also included are start and end times, maximum and minimum temperatures observed during the event and information on drifting.  A running seasonal snowfall total is also included!

Best yet is that the report is address specific.  You’ll need to specify the address at the beginning of the season or upon signup and it will need to remain there all season long. Pricing is done per address/location so we recommend picking the addresses you need totals for the most or getting a little more strategic and picking locations that cover the areas you need. 

Also available are regional snowfall totals, which includes much of the same information for multiple locations in a given metropolitan area.  These are city-specific.

NEO Total Certified Regional Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command are also available online and in PDF and CSV formats.

All products come with a brief description of the event.


Check Out These Samples:

NEO Total Snowfall Report Example

NEO Total Certified Regional Snowfall Report Example


We feel this product is far superior to what we have been providing in the past and can be accessed at any time.  If you are interested in adding this service to your package or purchased post storm snowfall totals from us last season, contact us today so we can discuss adding this service to your package this season.


Add NEO Total Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command to your service today! 

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Please note: This service replaces the post storm snowfall reports we were creating as of the 2018-2019 winter season.  If you need a one time report, please contact us and request one.  One time reports are not address or ZIP code specific and are manually created.  Their look and information will differ from the reports described above.  Turn around time is generally 3-5 business days.