NEW! Client Portal To Access Forecast, Radar, Pay Your Bill & More!

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We’ve been working hard all year here at Neoweather to bring you the best experience possible.  From product enhancements, additional billing options, new NeoTotal Snowfall Reports powered by Weather Command to a BRAND NEW Client Portal to access your forecasts and more!

Here’s what you need to know about our Client Portal System!

What Is It?

Traditionally, you’re used to forecasts and other weather information arriving via email from us.  While this approach is certainly convenient at times, it limits us in what we can provide to you.  By transitioning to a Client Portal, we’re not only able to send you the forecasts you need, but we’re able to do it faster and provide added value with new additions!


How Will It Work?

The Client Portal can be accessed by anyone in your organization that has an account.  If your company has multiple contacts through us via email, we will create an account for that person.  You can expect new account notifications to start hitting your inbox by early September.  You should be prompted to create a password.  Once that is done, there is nothing more you need to do!

When a new forecast (file) is added to your account, you’ll get an automatic email notification that it is available.  The email will include a link to allow you to log in to the account.  A short tutorial on how to access your forecasts and conduct other tasks will be available in late September or early October.  If you’re not super tech savvy, don’t worry!  The Portal is easy to navigate.  If you can navigate your email, you can navigate the portal!


What You Will See After Logging In

Forecasts are still sent as a PDF file and are available for download from the client portal (much like Dropbox or Google Drive).  The system may allow you to preview just the first page but it won’t allow you to view the document from within the portal itself.  To see the entire document, you’ll need t download it to your computer or device.  Past forecasts will also be available for viewing if needed.

Upon logging in, you’ll be brought to a portal page that allows you quick access to view your forecasts, pay your bill (if you have access to that part of the system), message us and view an interactive radar product! 

The radar is something we have been wanting to add for the past couple of years to our offerings and we’re excited to finally bring you this access!  It will display various warnings and advisories, temperatures, storm tracks and other data.  Navigation is simple on ANY device and data layers can be turned on and off very easily.

Additionally, we’ve added static maps from Pivotal Weather to display the latest watches, warnings, and advisories.  These maps are not interactive and are for awareness purposes only.


What We Weren’t Able To Add

We’ve had multiple requests for RWIS data (traffic cameras and road sensor data) and we did some digging into trying to add this as a layer on top of our radar.  We worked with the developer for the radar platform and tried to add road cameras for the state of Ohio (since the data was easily accessible) and we just could not find a way to extrapolate that data and integrate it into the radar display.  Further, we found that it’s not always easy to get camera or road sensor data from various states. 

For example, in Pennsylvania, the data was free but we would have to pay quite a bit of money to set up and maintain a small network in which the state DOT fed the data in to for us to use.  Then, we would need to find a way to display that raw data.  This would have been extremely expensive to implement.  Other states didn’t make the data very accessible.  Hopefully over time, we will be able to include this data for you. 


What Else Is New?

Invoicing will also be done through the portal and we can also set up recurring payments both within and outside of the portal.  Payments made in the portal are processed through Pay Pal (don’t worry, no fees are passed to you!).  Of course, you’re still welcome to pay by check if you wish.

You can also message our staff in the portal!  Simply click the “Messaging” tab on the left and send a message.  It’s just like sending an email and as soon as you click send, we get an instant notification that a message was received.  Of course, if you need an urgent answer, we always encourage to call us.


What Is To Come?

Our portal system is provided through a third party and they are always added new features to the system.  Additionally, there is functionality in the portal that we may be able to utilize.  We’ll keep you up to date with any big changes before they happen.


How Can I Access The Client Portal?

There’s a few ways you can access the Client Portal:

  • Any email from the system will have a link directing you to a login page.
  • You can visit our website, and click the “Client Login” link on the right side of the navigation bar.
  • You can visit and log in.


Is There An App For That?

Right now, no.  However, we do know that an app for clients is in the works.  Do stay tuned!

You are able to access the Client Portal on your mobile device using any web browser.  We suggest saving a link to to your mobile device’s home screen for quick and easy access.


Is This Going to Cost Me More?

Absolutely not!  We’re providing all of this with no increase in cost! 

We hope that you enjoy our new Client Portal system and we will continue working hard to bring even more features to the portal. 


What To Expect Next

All current clients will be set up within the new Client Portal system by early September.  If you have multiple employees who have received email forecasts from us previously, they will receive an account in the Client Portal. 

Each employee can expect an email that says an account was created and to create a password to be able to log in to the system.  Please make sure everyone is aware to expect these emails.  We will email your organization one day prior to account creation so everyone is aware that an account is being created.

All you will need to do is create a password.  You can update your profile afterward, if you would like.


We hope you enjoy the new Client Portal System and we are thrilled to bring even more information and value to our service with no increase in price! 

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