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It’s been a busy spring and summer at Neoweather!  We’ve made several changes to our products including product names and added features!  Some of this was based on feedback from our survey that was sent out in the spring.  We’re always looking for ways to improve what we offer and make what we provide meaningful to your business and operation.  We’re more than just a weather forecast!



So, what has changed?  First, let’s take a look at the new names:


  • The Weekly Forecast Analysis is now just the Weekly Forecast.  It has been redesigned to look like the rest of our products including a 7 day forecast that should look familiar to you.  We’ve kept the temperature and precipitation trend charts and you may see additional information from time to time.


  • The Storm Analysis is now the NEO FirstLook.  We felt the original name just didn’t communicate what we wanted it to.  It’s use still stays the same: a first look at an impending snow or ice storm about 2-3 days prior to the event.  It’s a two page document with a very similar look and feel to our Forecast Breakdown.


  • The Forecast Breakdown will remain the same name.  However, we have improved the product with new features, mainly on the second page.  Gone is the wordy table and in its place are new charts!  Charts for temperature, dew point, precipitation chance and snowfall are now standard!  We did keep a small table for expected weather conditions and wind speeds for selected forecast hours.  Generally, these charts will show data for every 2-3 hour time periods, depending on the event.

Additionally, we have improved our first page to be able to better communicate expected hazards and overall forecast confidence.

Our other goal was to also keep lengthy blocks of text to a minimum.  That’s why we have divided up text in the product to focus on important factors such as impacts and forecast confidence.  This allows us to communicate any additional factors about the forecast to you without having to read a novel.



NEW this year is our NEOCast Weather Alert.  We wanted to find a better approach to providing weather updates for small events that we traditionally sent via email.  These got long at times and we felt the value of it just wasn’t the best.  We did try a couple of things with those emails to try and help keep text to a minimum but we felt we could do a little better.  This new product takes what we’ve been doing and brings it into the graphical environment with the rest of our offerings.  We’ll issue this product as needed, but you will typically receive this product within 24 hours of the event starting.  We’ll issue this product for snowfall events of 2” or less or very light icing events.


Samples of all of these products and more are available here.


We’re excited to be rolling out these new product enhancements this winter.  Our goal is to go beyond “just a weather forecast” and provide an exceptional service that provides great value and one you can trust.  We displayed these at the 22nd Annual SIMA Trade Show in June and received great feedback! 

We value your feedback too!  If there is anything that you would like to see on our products, please contact me and let me know.

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