Weather Apps Are Hurting You

Brian IveyUS

Weather apps are the most common app on phones. We all need to know what the forecast is.  Deciding whether to dress in layers or bring an umbrella is something we need to know. Weather apps are decent enough for the general public. 

Is making a $$$ THOUSAND $$$ dollar business decision the same as deciding what to wear?  Have you been burned before by trusting the ever-changing forecasts? Let’s look at a few reasons why your smartphone app shouldn’t be given so much trust. 

  • Weather apps data is provided by a single computer forecast model. 
  • Apps rely on forecast algorithms that can’t convey impacts to the user. 
  • Apps are not vetted by human weather experts. This means much lower accuracy. 
  • Computer model data in apps can have major biases that exponentially grows = too much uncertainty.
  • Forecast resolution is valid for larger region’s. Apps lack local accuracy and precision. 
  • Weather apps change several times a day. Which forecast is actually going to come true?
  • Apps are normally 65% accurate. Meteorologists are near 90%. 
  • Apps can’t tell you about specific severe weather threats and how your operations should react. 
  • Minute-by-minute app forecasts are a scam! It’s beyond the limit of our science. 
  • Critical analysis of the atmosphere is skipped leaving a ton of interpretation up to the user. 
  • Social science is critical for risk mitigation. Computers can’t communicate needed context. 

We can keep going and going like the energizer bunny. Your smartphone can show you a 70% precipitation chance and a rain icon, but is it going to be light, heavy, scattered? Will it move out quick or last for hours? Is there a flooding risk? 

Just because weather isn’t a perfect science doesn’t mean you have to settle for free crap apps. Mitigate risks in decisions with professional meteorologists that are looking out for you. Get peace of mind and save time and money. Are you blaming “unexpected” weather events? Let Neoweather keep you ahead of Mother Nature