How Did April Cold Affect Things?

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April will soon be a distant memory, but some of its effects will linger for months. Even though many would mistake it for being late winter it’s gonna be May!

Sorry I had to. Well I guess I really didn’t,  but I wanted to. April finished as the seventh coldest on record across the United States. Multiple blasts of Arctic air came down from Canada and plunged across the Plains, Midwest, South and Northeast. Everywhere east of the Rockies was at least a little below average with some locations seriously feeling more like February.

As typical with the transitional months between seasons we have active weather patterns with some pretty decent storm systems. Normally in April that means some snow far north with severe weather in Tornado Alley, Dixie Alley and into the Ohio Valley. This is the latest start to tornado season in Kansas and Oklahoma on record. Overall tornado season has a whole is down almost 40%. The cold air not only prevented a lot of hail, damaging winds and twisters because of the lack of temperature contrast (warm and moist air was not present often), but it also meant a lot more snow than normal.

The lack of warmth meant these early to mid spring systems were large snow makers across the Northern Plains and Great Lakes. Many locations saw double or triple their normal April snowfall.

Farming, Landscaping, Sports, etc…

There are many implications to a month so far from average. Many of them are on the negative side of things. Many in the agriculture industry are getting a late start to planting by 1-3 weeks. Areas in the Southern Plains with drought and spots across the Midwest and Ohio Valley with chilly low temperatures might mean replanting will be needed. This could push the growing season back even more meaning later harvesting and money lost.

Landscaping companies that make their money off each service of grass cutting or fertilizer application are a couple of weeks late meaning they might end up with less money per account at the end of the season. Work could become backlogged because they are playing catchup.

Major League Baseball games were cancelled 28 times so far! Doesn’t seem like a ton? In 2016 there were only 25 postponed games all season long! This means many of these games will need  made up, which messes up travel and scheduling routines.

There have been many college and high school games in spring sports canceled or that drew poor attendance do to the crummy chilly weather.

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Better Ahead

May will likely be closer to normal in the weather department with fairly average temperatures when all said and done. For the next couple weeks more cool hangs out East with big heat building across the West.


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