Three Tornadoes Touchdown In Ohio Tuesday

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Active spring weather moved across much of the Midwest, Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Tuesday. This caused dozens of severe weather reports including three separate tornadoes in Ohio.

Hail, damaging winds and other severe weather reports stretched from Texas to Pennsylvania. A total of 500 severe weather reports were notched during the storm event. A strong low pressure system pulled in plenty of moisture and wind energy across the Buckeye State. This lead to several severe weather reports across the southern half of the state.

Tornadoes touched down in Xenia Township, South Charleston and Grove City. They were all weak, but did do some minor damage.

Eastern Beavercreek Township and western Xenia Township along Ludlow Road saw tornado damage with winds up near 100 mph. A barn was badly damaged with a consistent debris pattern of a tornado. The National Weather Service completed their storm survey in Greene and Clark County Wednesday afternoon.

Weird coincidence! The tornado touched down near Xenia on the 44th anniversary of the ‘Super Outbreak’. Luckily this storm was a lot less memorable.

The NWS determined that an EF1 tornado with estimated wind speeds between 100-110 MPH was responsible for damage in the Grove City, Ohio area. The Franklin County twister dropped out of the sky around 5:37 PM. The survey found that a tornado initially touched down just south
of Orders Road, and moved northeast, crossing Hoover Road and
I-71, and and eventually White Road before lifting just north of
White Road and just south of Stringtown Road. The damage was minor with shingles and trees suffering.

Another weak tornado in South Charleston caused weak damage in Clark County.

Flooding and gusty winds made for some power outages as the cold front tracked eastward.


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