International Space Station Pass Tonight

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ISS will pass over

Even though it’s just a little bright dot in the sky, it’s still pretty awesome to see the International Space Station whiz overhead in the night sky. The ISS will make a couple of very vivid passes over Ohio the last couple of nights. Friday should see it visible for around three minutes with Saturday allowing for around six minutes of watching time.

space station flyby

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The ISS will be flying by as it orbits around 254 miles above Earth, will travel at speeds of 17,500 miles per hour in the sky on Friday and Saturday. The ISS appears bright because of sun reflecting off of it. This reflected sunshine will also allow Venus to be seen. You can tell the difference because the ISS will be brighter and will move faster across the sky.

When Can You See It?

The ISS will pass from above the horizon in the southwest sky near 7pm in the Cincinnati area to around 7:06 in Cleveland. The peak will be a couple of minutes later in the northwest sky. It will fade into the horizon on the northeast sky a couple of minutes later.

You can track the space station as it flies over. 

space station flyby

The flyby on Saturday night will be around 6:10pm and last a few minutes longer as the journey goes from the SW to the NE.

Will The Weather Cooperate?

Yes yes yes! Good news on the weather front- well for at least Friday night. Clouds should hold off till later at night, so mainly clear skies are a go for the ISS pass. You can plan on temperatures being relatively mild also. Expect 40s tonight around 7pm.

If you want to view the pass on Saturday night it might be a bit more challenging with mainly cloudy skies and a few rain showers around. Try and see it tonight.


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