Friday Afternoon Weather Update On Winter Blast

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2:30 Radar

We are seeing all types of precipitation just as expected across the Buckeye State. There is rain, changing to a mix of everything else. I write this with a freezing rain/ snow mix blowing past my window with 20 mph winds.

2:30 Radar

Southern and central Ohio is still on the milder side at 2:30pm with the Arctic air getting closer and closer. This will transition things over to a wintry mix. Again, it really depends on the specific location on what is actually falling. Freezing rain, sleet, snow are all possible until things change all to snow from NW to SE. Like we said a couple of days ago, this would be a very inconvenient storm with even major short-term impacts. But it’s NOT the storm of the decade or anything like that. Portions of Upstate New York and interior New England will see much more snow than us.

snow totals

Even if freezing rain does not last long in your area you will still see a glaze of ice. This is because the ground is very wet and temperatures will be below freezing. Periods of moderate to briefly heavy snow are possible. Gusty winds will be around, which will reduce visibility at times. Plan on roads being slick in many spots, with untreated surfaces being dangerous. Even if you only see a couple of inches of snow, ice is no joke. Just a small amount of ice accretion can cause you to slip and slide like one of my favorite childhood water toys.

Make sure to stay updated on our Ohio First Warn Twitter for frequent tweets as the weather situation develops. If you want to watch the extended forecast for this storm featuring information on what it will do across the Northeast then that video is below. Safe travels and stay tuned for more updates.




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