Erie Pennsylvania Shatters Snow Records From Lake Effect

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Snow way.. Say it ain’t snow… snow snow snow. There was plenty of white gold falling from the sky this week in the snow belts down wind of the Great Lakes. Plowers have not had much time out of their equipment, as extreme lake effect snow has been the norm off of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

While many of us enjoy snow, we probably don’t want 3-6 feet of it. That’s exactly parts of Oswego New York and Erie Pennsylvania got from Christmas Eve through December 26.

A total of 34 inches fell just on Christmas Day! That shattered the all time single snowiest day record. The snow continued hammering Northwest PA through Monday night and into Tuesday where around 20 more inches fell. Between a few more inches Sunday and Wednesday the storm total topped out at 65 inches! This is now the biggest snowstorm in Pennsylvania history besting the previous record of 44” in two days.

Erie picked up more snow in less than 36 hours in this event than its earlier 13-day snowstorm record. That added up to 53 inches.

The intense lake effect snow was caused by ample moisture across the whole westerly fetch of Lake Erie. The wind direction stayed consistent which just kept the snow band angled right into the city. Erie has picked up 103” in December which is what the city averages all year long.

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