Tranquil mid-week in Ohio; Cooler air returns briefly

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After a damp, humid and wet beginning to the week, things will finally have a chance to dry out across Ohio as it will be tranquil before the next big system arrives Friday.  Temperatures will be dropping, too, from how we began the week.

Tuesday night

Tuesday night, temperatures will remain on the warmer side as the drop behind a cold front will be gradual.  It will be in the mid-30s in northern Ohio around midnight; low-40s for southern Ohio around midnight (picture at left).  As the cooler air continues to move into the area, temperatures will be around 30 degrees by 8 a.m. Wednesday.


Northern Ohio will hover around the 30-degree mark most the day, dipping into the low-20s by the late-afternoon.  Southern Ohio should be able to stay in the mid-30s through the day and into the afternoon.  A mostly cloudy sky will be in place, especially with the wind switching to come in off Lake Erie for Northeast Ohio, hence the reason for lower temperatures, too.  A couple more breaks in the cloud cover for central and southern Ohio is possible.  It will be dry, though.

Temperatures will fall to the mid-20s by Thursday morning for lows.


This will be the last day before the next major system rolls into town Friday.  Highs will get into the mid-30s Thursday afternoon, under mostly cloudy skies.  A few isolated showers and sprinkles could make its way into western Ohio later in the afternoon.

Looking toward Christmas, it won’t be too white across Ohio, but it will be cold out.  We will take one of the two Christmas-like types of weather, right?

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and may peace and joy of it bring you happiness.

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