A Quick Update For Your Travel Plans

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After a holiday full of lots of food and family, it’s time for many to travel back home over the next day or so.

Calm Conditions Expected For Most Major Travel Destinations

No major weather patterns are expected to impact any travel across the country tomorrow. All of these destinations show sunny/ partly sunny conditions and no precipitation. New York City may see breezy conditions, but this should not cause any issues. Weather should cause no delays tomorrow.

A Look At 5 Major Travel Destinations

Temperatures will vary quite a bit in some of the destinations. This doesn’t come as any major surprise during this time of year as we move away from Thanksgiving and closer to Winter. Regions in New England will be seeing temperatures in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s. Regions further south will see temperatures in the 70’s and even climb close to 80 in some spots. Overall, the weather on Sunday will be very pleasant and will make for a smooth day back.

Here’s a video below to give you quick view at some of the other locations around the country: http://abc13.com/weather/good-weather-for-holiday-travel-on-sunday/39346/

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