Pattern Flip: Warmth Comes East Next Week

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It’s been a very chilly November across the northern Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Northeast. The weather pattern will likely flip next week allowing for periods of well above average warmth to come into these areas.

Temperatures are not going to have much consistency as we go for the next several days through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The current chill will exit Friday and Saturday setting up for a mild shopping weekend across much of the country. Of course it’s late November, but compared to average it won’t be bad.

A cold front moves across the Midwest and East by Sunday. This will bring a couple of cool days with a shot of lake effect snow for some downwind areas of the Great Lakes. At this point this is not looking like a very impressive setup for much snow. The image below shows the cold air shot for Sunday.

Here Comes The Warmth

A strong ridge of high pressure will build across the West and Plains. Temperatures will be well above average in this area. The jet stream will go far north of the Midwest and Great Lakes allowing for the relative warmth to stream in. This is aided by a kink in the jet stream bringing some cooler weather to the West. Just this week record high temperatures are breaking.

The image below shows temperature anomalies (temps compared to average). You can see well above average warmth sliding across Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. This is almost opposite of the pattern now with the cool weather in the Plains and Southwest.

                                                                                             10-20 degrees above average in dark red and brown

Temperatures will likely rise well into the 50s for the middle of next week in Ohio. Overall it’s been difficult to get out of the 30s and 40s the last couple of weeks. Some computer models show 60 degrees or more in he Ohio Valley Wednesday.

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