Great Thanksgiving Travel Today For Much of Nation

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A very good day to take to the roads or skies across much of the United States. There’s a large area of high pressure dominating the weather pattern for much of the nation. This should keep things clear.

The main weather issues will be along the Northeast Coast from New York up into New England. This system slides northeast as the day goes on. The Pacific Northwest is another area that has some activity. Snow is falling in the high mountain locations with scattered rain showers for Seattle and Portland and neighboring areas into Idaho and Montana.

This Wednesdayshould be filled with gridlock on the highways. Even though millions hit the road and airways to meet up with family and friends it might not be the most not the busiest travel day.

Great Thanksgiving For Ohio

For our many Ohio area readers we have good news overall for the bird-cooking holiday. Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies are expected for much of the day with a few periods of more sunshine. Temperatures will rise through the 30s and likely reach into the low 40s during the day. Have a great and happy Thanksgiving!

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