Relatively Quiet Thanksgiving Week Ahead 11/20/2017

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After a fairly active weather weekend across the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys, the weather is forecast to be tranquil for the most part during the next seven days. While there will be multiple low pressure areas to move across the US, moisture will not be as abundant as this Friday Night and Saturday last week.

The watch/warning map this afternoon shows that the weather is quiet for the most part. No major low pressure areas are forecast to impact the US during the next seven days.

The Quanative Precipitation Forecast for the next seven days indicates not much for most areas. Out in the Pacific Northwest, rainfall will be abundant during the next seven days. There will be chances for snowfall as well with the onshore flow in the mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

Temperatures for the most part in the next six to ten days indicates warmer than normal generally west of the Rocky Mountains. East of the Rocky Mountains, temperatures are forecast to remain near or below normal through the next six to ten days.

Have a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Jim Martin – Forecaster

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