Trick Or Treat Forecast For Michigan

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Good Morning and Happy Halloween everyone! Of course we have had a pretty mild October and when we would really like it mild the most it os going to be down right chilly! Let’s now get into a zone by zone forecast for the state on what to expect tonight as you venture out!


Upper Peninsula: Many of you in the UP are waking up to a couple inches of fresh snowfall, the snow will diminish this morning and it will remain windy and very cold. As you go out tonight the poor kids are going to need to be in their snow gear to venture through the fresh accumulating snows as your temps will be below freezing.

Northern Lower: You just like the UP are seeing heavy lake effect rain and snow this morning with some areas getting some accumulations. This will diminish this evening but it will also still be breezy and quite cold.

Western Michigan: Same story here but no accumulating snows. Lake Effect will shut off by evening and it will be mainly dry tonight with maybe a few flurries floating around the area. Going to be breezy here as well with temps falling into the mid 30’s.

Southeast Michigan: Carbon copy of everyone else we have lake effect rain and snow showers around the area this morning and those will calm down by evening making it a dry walk in your neighborhoods, but chilly temps like every where else sliding into the 30’s. Have the jackets over those costumes tonight and have plenty of hot chocolate for the kids.

Have some great news for some as we look to have a small warm up come later this week and into early next week! No 70’s though just 50’s and 60’s but it comes with chances of rain. We will make it work! Have a great safe Halloween everyone!

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