Cold Air Allows For Early Snow In Upper Midwest

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There have been many warm days across much of the Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes and East this autumn. A pattern change is taking hold. This will allow for multiple cold air intrusions and a few weather systems passing by. It will likely be cold enough for the first accumulating snow of the season. Where? For some areas of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

Temperatures started in the 30s and low 40s across the region Tuesday morning in the wake of a cold front. The mercury will rise through midweek, but another low pressure system will drag a cold front and a decent amount of moisture through North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The system will strengthen as it heads southeast from Canada bringing a little initial rain or a wintry mix before things change over to snow. It’s likely the snow won’t accumulate right away, but the ground should get a coating of white. In northern Minnesota, far northern Wisconsin and parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan might be hit with several inches of snow spanning late Wednesday night to early Friday,

How Much Snow?

The snow chance will be from early Thursday morning into the day on Friday. Northeastern Minnesota and the northwest UP of Michigan is where the best chance to see 3-6 inches of snow is. Southern Canada will win the snow total race with a foot or more of snow in spots.

There will likely be another big cold dump by the end of the weekend meaning the chance for another accumulating snow. Lake effect snow is possible in the Great Lakes around Halloween and to start November. Stay tuned!


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