Cooler west, Warmer east pattern to continue

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The pattern across the United States has displayed a pretty dramatic jet stream set-up, leaving it cool and damp in the Pacific Northwest and much of the western CONUS, and warm and humid for the eastern CONUS.  This week, we will take a brief look at the set-up, and we will see if any relief is in sight. 

An amplified jet stream that dipped as far south as northern Texas Tuesday has been allowing plenty of cool, damp air to flow in off the Pacific Ocean into the Pacific Northwest then into the Rockies.  You can see the stark temperature differences as you moved across the country Tuesday, then hit a much warmer block on the east coast.

With this pattern in place for the next several days, plenty of moisture will continue to stream in to the Seattle area and Pacific Northwest.  For higher elevations and the mountain regions, that will be in the form of snowfall; rain for everyone else.

As for the east coast, a system will track up into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Wednesday, otherwise it will remain fairly dry along the east coast – as has been the store lately.  As we progress over the next several days, some warmer air will return to the central plains and Dakotas, while the Pacific Northwest remains cool and damp.

After the storm system Wednesday, it will go back to a mainly dry pattern across the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley region.  A system of rain and storms will set up across the plains Saturday, and the bulk of the moisture will ride off into Michigan and Canada.

Some relief for the Pacific looks to be in store for the weekend, as the moisture stream will shift more northerly into Canada and slow down a bit.  Looking into the long range, the cooler air looks to keep its grip on the west through late-October, and the warmer air will stay east of the Plains.

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-Robert Carroll

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