ISS Flyover: Two Great Passes This Week

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If you’re like me,  you think it’s cool to watch the International Space Station fly overhead.  Ok,  not everyone is like me and my wife thinks it’s a little odd too (although she did ask me once if there were still people on the ISS and she did admit it was neat watching it fly over the first time she saw it).  In any case,  if you enjoy bringing the family outside in the evening to watch the ISS pass by,  we have two great sightings this week,  starting tonight!


ISS Flyby #1: TONIGHT!

Undoubtedly,  tonight will likely be the best night to see the ISS fly over.  Clear skies and warm temperatures will also make it that much more enjoyable.

  • Start: 8:36 pm EDT,  looking to the Southwest.  The ISS will be moving to the Northeast.
  • What to Look For:  Look for a solid white dot moving quickly across the sky.  Remember,  the ISS does not blink or make noise.  If you see a white,  blinking dot,  followed by what sounds like a jet engine,  that is an airplane.
  • Peak: 8:39 pm EDT.  The ISS will be overhead at this time.
  • End: 8:40 PM.  The ISS will be moving toward the Northeast.


Track of the ISS flyover on 9/26/2017.


ISS Flyby #2: Friday,  September 29,  2017

The next flyover will be earlier in the evening however,  with darkness arriving sooner,  it will still be visible.  Most areas in western and southern Ohio should have some clear sky to view the flyover,  however parts of Northeastern Ohio may be dealing with clouds and some rain showers around the time of the flyover.

  • Start:  7:35 PM EDT,  looking to the west southwest. The ISS will be moving to the Northeast.
  • Peak: 7:38 PM EDT,  almost overhead.
  • End: 7:41 PM EDT.  The ISS will be moving to the Northeast.


Track of the ISS on Friday, 9/29/2017.


After this second flyover,  we won’t have many opportunities to see it again for a few weeks.  Be sure to get outside and watch the flyover!  If you snap a few pictures,  please feel free to post them to our Facebook page.




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