Damage Left Behind As Irma Weakens

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The storm has been blamed for more than 40 deaths, including six in Florida. Multiple deaths are to blame from falling trees in Georgia today. One case could have been a lot worse when a tree fell right in front of a car in Georgia. The captivating video below shows how things could have been even worse. The lady driving the car that ran into the tree suffered minor injuries and will be okay. The car was damaged.

Florida residents got a first look of the destruction Irma caused as it swept over the state, leaving virtually no area of the peninsula untouched. At least minor damage happened across most areas of the state. Some damage near the west coast of the state was significant with the worst of the damage being across the Florida Keys. The damage there is significant in many spots.

Hurricane Irma was once a Category 5 as it razed some of the Caribbean islands into the Florida Straights and the Bahamas. Big Pine Key reported 120mph winds when the eye wall went through. Some weather stations were left dysfunctional after major wind gusts, so there is the chance that some wind gusts were more impressive then measured.

The Florida Keys suffered horrible storm surge damage due to the fact that they are located near sea level. The powerful water was thrown onshore due to the very strong wind field picking up the seas and pushing it forward, piling it up along the shore. Storm surge was also a major issue in Jacksonville. Record levels of flooding was due to the same phenomena. Winds piled water up against the shore in the city pushing storm surge well inland.

Florida airports were either closed or featured most of their flights canceled. Miami International Airport suffered flooding and wind damage with debris being tossed inside the terminal.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport had many cancelled flights and several diverted planes that were scheduled to land due to strong winds moving over the airfield. The Atlanta airport is the busiest in the world, so the affects to the aviation system were felt large and wide. Crosswinds gusted over 40 mph, making it dangerous for smaller, regional jets to land. Even larger jets had trouble landing due to the strong crosswinds.

Irma is now a Tropical Depression with 35 mph winds moving northwest at 15 mph. Gusts are still strong in spots, but they are gradually weakening.

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