Tornado Touchdown In Trumbull County

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A weak tornado touched down in Trumbull County Thursday night as storms moved across the area.

The likely rated EF-0 tornado, the weakest on the 0-5 Enhanced Fajita scale, touched down just north of Yankee Lake in Hartford Township. It happened at 7:18pm according to the National Weather Service. Trees and power lines were brought down near SR-7. A few trees were also reported down in Champion, Fowler and Vernon Township.


A wall cloud was present in Vienna Center


Unconfirmed reports of a tornado started around 7:05pm near the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna Township.The automated weather station at the airport was reporting a tornado as the weather condition at that time. The storm continued to cycle in strength and produce a wall cloud indicative of a rotating updraft within the thunderstorm.

As the storm headed eastward into Yankee Lake there was a very strong rotation signature present on radar and in the clouds. The image above shows the 3D Max Doppler Radar image. A inflow notch and hook echo is visible on the left where the green triangle (tornado vortex signature) is. A velocity couple is visible on the right. This shows the winds moving towards the radar (green) and away from the radar (red) in close proximity. That’s the rotation within the storm.

Here’s what it looked like from Burghill, just north of Hartford on SR-7. (Caution some language)

The image above captures the lowered cloud north of Yankee Lake right around when the tornado was on the ground.

A separate thunderstorm prompted another tornado warning less than an hour later across a very similar area. There was no confirmed touchdowns from that storm. You can see Ohio First Warn weather coverage below.


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