Great Lakes enters tranquil mid-week

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We are already heading into the mid-week for this first full week of August, and it is going to be a quiet one across the Great Lakes region as high pressure moves in across the area.  The past weekend was a rather cool and cloudy one across Northeast Ohio, as intermittent rain kept people on his or her toes Saturday evening and a little bit Sunday.

For a region that will be roaring with lake-effect activity in a few short months, this will set-up to be a picture-perfect time to get some last minute outdoors time in with the kids before school begins soon, yardwork done, landscaping, and any other desires that nature may bring you.

Tuesday – Wednesday

Tuesday is going to be a perfect day across the region, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low-80s.  Ohio will mostly be in the mid-70s, but it will be a great day to get the kids outside, take the dogs for a walk, or hit the hiking trails.  You can see the center of the high pressure around Iowa and into Illinois, setting up some true greatness!

We roll into Wednesday with temperatures once again approaching the 80-degree mark.  The day will be characterized by mostly sunny skies, and another beautiful day to get outside.  The high pressure will shift more east and center itself over Indiana and Ohio.

Meanwhile, a system will be coming down out of Canada and into the northern Dakotas.  Another system will begin moving up toward the Great Lakes region from the south.

Looking forward

Looking toward the end of the week, it looks like the next system will arrive Friday.  One weather model is bringing more widespread rain across Ohio in Thursday night, while another keeps it dry here with just scattered showers Friday.  We will keep you updated on that.

Temperature-wise, things will slowly be warming up again toward the weekend.  Meanwhile, enjoy the lesser humidity, the sunshine, and the seasonable weather through this mid-week.

All things weather.

-Robert Carroll

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