Space Weather: Aurora Borealis May Be Visible in Ohio Next Few Nights

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Every once in a while,  Ohio gets lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis – the “Northern Lights” – soaring by overhead.  We may have that very chance tonight through Monday night.

A G2 Geomagnetic Storm is expected to impact the earth’s upper atmosphere,  which will help create the “Northern Lights” the next few nights. Source: NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.


A solar flare (known as a coronal mass ejection) ejected from the sun on July 14th and will impact the earth’s upper atmosphere,  giving us a shot at seeing the Aurora as early as tonight and could persist through Monday night.  This will interact with the ionosphere and create the beautiful colors we associate with the Northern Lights.

The best chance to see the Aurora will generally be across Northern Ohio, especially near the lake and away from the city lights.  As long as clouds stay clear of the region,  we will have a good chance at catching a glimpse of these awesome colors streaking across the horizon.  If you are able to snap any pictures of the Aurora,  please post them to our Ohio First Warn Weather Facebook page and we’ll share them!

There could be a few thunderstorms around Sunday night and this will inhibit the viewing of any Northern Lights if the storms our cloud cover persist into the overnight hours.  However,  if you happen to be traveling eastward to parts of New York State or just about anywhere in the Northeastern US,  you will have a better shot at catching these awesome light shows!


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