Another Year, Another Flood

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Findlay, Ohio is known as Flag City U.S.A. However, in recent years, some have dubbed Findlay as Flood City U.S.A. For the purpose of this article, we will in detail show why some think this very way.

Here is the view of the severe flooding from August 2007 in downtown Findlay. Two main components lead to the devastating flood. One was a stalled front that camped out across northern Ohio. Another factor was moisture from the remains of Tropical Storm Erin. Also, runoff factored into the severity of the flooding.

This decade has featured multiple flooding events as well. However, the flooding occurring right now in Findlay is nearly a similar type setup. There was a surface boundary in the area. Also, the precipiable water values were near and over two inches. That indicates any thunderstorm that develops could produce efficient rainfall rates. Such was the case early Thursday Morning. Shower and thunderstorm development trained over the Findlay area. That resulted in some hefty rainfall amounts. Findlay Airport had 4.68 inches of rain. I personally measured 4.66 inches here where I live downtown.

This was the view looking north from downtown Findlay early Thursday. The flooding was not as severe as what transpired late last night, and earlier today.

Earlier today, the severity of this flood was easily seen. Your eyes are not playing tricks. That is an industrial trash bin floating in the middle of the street I live on. The other picture is looking north on Main St. from downtown Findlay. Flood waters covered that portion of Main St. all the way up to Center St. While in recent years old buildings have been torn down, the effect is still the same. This stretch of rain is vital to getting to downtown from those coming in from the north side.

In summary, all bodies of water misbehave at some point. Just like the Blanchard River here, there will be periods such as this when rivers spill over. I have learned in life that everywhere you go there is a risk you take. Living close to a body of water offers such risk.

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