Severe Weather Possible In Ohio

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Get ready for another round of possible severe weather in spots. Thunderstorms are likely later today and they could produce damaging winds and lots of heavy rain. Across many portions of Ohio.

The risk for hail is lower. The chance for a tornado seems to be pretty low at this time, but can’t be ruled out. The best chance for storms becoming severe is in the slight risk area, which is most of the state. The Storm Prediction Center has this category as 2/5 on their scale for possible severe weather.  Severe weather is possible in the southern part of the state, just not as likely.

TIMING: storms will develop in western Ohio around 2pm and later. They should be in scattered clusters as they push eastward during the later afternoon and into the evening. A more organized line of strong storms will likely form by late afternoon in western Ohio and then track eastward. Cleveland and the Akron/Canton area should see some heavy rain and maybe severe weather between 8-11pm.

Watch out for potential flooding due to multiple rounds of heavy thunderstorms. This computer model shows the chance for .5-1.5″ of rain in the persistent thunderstorms. Isolated locations could have even more.

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