Heat and Humidity for the Ohio Valley

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A ridge of high pressure anchored off the east coast will continue to increase the heat and humidity across the Ohio Valley. Today and Monday look to be the hottest days for most of us as unsettled weather is expected for the mid-week period. Even though astronomical summer is still about a week and a half away, it certainly will feel more like July across the Buckeye State. This is good news if you have plans to be by the pool but not if you work or plan to work outside.

Its that time of year again when heat and humidity combine to make many thankful mankind invented air conditioning. Air flows clockwise around an area of high pressure so whenever a high sits off to our east in the summer months we can expected warm and humid conditions. Temperatures in Ohio today are expected to approach and perhaps exceed 90 degrees and with dewpoints in many locations at or above 60, it’ll be humid as well. It’ll be a sunny day as well with no rain in sight though that starts to change as we head into the new work week.

An unsettled weather pattern will put an end to our recent dry spell with several days of scattered showers and thunderstorms expected. Monday will likely feature the hottest temperatures despite the presence of a few more clouds. The heat and humidity could spawn an isolated shower but the vast majority of Ohioans will be dry. It is imperative that you take steps tomorrow to stay cool if you are working outside. High pressure moves east by Tuesday allowing for the development of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Right now it looks like the best chance of rain will be Wednesday and especially Thursday but it would be a good idea to keep the umbrella handy through the mid-week period. At the moment, Friday looks cooler and drier especially in Northern and Western Ohio.

Many wonder why we feel so sticky and uncomfortable during summer heat and humidity. The answer lies in how much moisture the air can hold. In simple terms, humidity refers to the presence of water vapor (moisture) in the air. Air is dry because it does not contain much moisture. When we are outside in the heat and the air is dry, our sweat is able to more easily evaporate and cool us. This process is far less effective during humid days because the atmosphere has more moisture in the air and cannot accept as much leaving us with that undesirable sticky feeling. Heat stroke is a serious condition during the summer months so make sure to keep cool and drink plenty of fluids will working or playing outdoors over the next few days.

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