Fall-like pattern shapes mid-week June in Ohio

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So you may be wondering why the featured image of an article for the first week of June is about fall – understandably so!  Ohio will be experiencing quite a fall-like pattern with respect to temperature and conditions Tuesday and Wednesday before things start warming up again Thursday.


Tuesday afternoon anticipated high temperatures.

Talk about a cool-down!  Highs Tuesday will be in the low-60s across the state, only to improve a couple degrees Wednesday (image at left), with a few isolated sprinkles and showers off Lake Erie.  With the lake involved in the cloud cover and the chances of rain showers near it, it certainly does make it sound like a fall-like pattern with lake-effect precipitation and cloud cover.  You can see the “lake shield” over the traditional area impacted by the lake on the image at left, too.

Wednesday afternoon anticipated high temperatures

At the right, we do not see much anticipated improvements for Wednesday; in fact, much more of the state will be cooler Wednesday.  Wouldn’t this be a great time to go to the pumpkin patches?!

Chances of rain

While the chances of rain are not that great overall for Tuesday and Wednesday, there is still the risk of an isolated shower or sprinkle across Northeast Ohio.  The rest of the state will remain dry both days.

Total precipitation tracks and accumulation by Wednesday afternoon

In the image above, you can see where most the chance of rain will be: near the lake.

So while we get a very early preview of fall today and Wednesday, things look to warm-up by the end of the week.  You can read more about the return to summer in Brian Ivey’s article here.

Stay warm, ha!

-Robert Carroll


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