The Pursuit of Weather Tranquility

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Tranquility will be a good word to describe the weather pattern that much of the United States will be in the next couple days.  Aside from a poorly organized low pressure system over the Ohio Valley Wednesday, much of the country will remain quiet. 

Is May as a whole going to end on a quiet note?  Quite possibly!  After a week last week that featured over three feet of snow in the Rockies to near-90 or better weather in the Northeast to violent severe weather outbreaks, we certainly deserve the tranquility!  The image at left shows the national picture around mid-afternoon Wednesday.

The system in the Ohio Valley will eventually shift off to the east coast as the week ends out, yet still it will remain quiet across the county – so what do the temperatures look like?

Things will be pretty uniform across the eastern U.S., with some heightened temperatures up the Rocky Mountains.  The majority of the nation will be feeling pretty good, though.

While the west remains quiet, the east will be where most the activity is at.  A Colorado Low will try to form several times for the remainder of this week, but will have a tough time getting across the country.

Other than the action in the Ohio Valley Wednesday and Thursday, the is nothing significant to report.

Have a fantastic week, and may sunny skies be in your favor.

-Robert Carroll

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