Crookston Says Thank You; Meteorologist Brian Ivey named President

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North Ridgeville, Ohio – – May. 8, 2017 – Neoweather, LLC (The Leading Front In Weather) has appointed a new management team. Neoweather today announced that it has appointed Brian Ivey as president and chief executive officer effective May 8th. Jeremy Crookston, Neoweather’s founder and former CEO has elected to step down into an advisor role.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project,” said Crookston. “Today, the organization is well-positioned in a niche market where weather expertise rightfully sells as a premium, and its professional consulting solutions are applicable to a variety of industries.”

By mid-2017 the company boasts having seen more then half a million website hits, and has a robust client base in areas such as agriculture, construction, landscaping, and sporting events.  Jeremy added that he will be staying on board as an advisor and will oversee the consulting organizations scaling to meet demand.

Brian Ivey has been with Neoweather since 2011 as a director and forecaster. He holds a educational background and degrees in broadcast journalism from Kent State University and meteorology from Mississippi State University. Brian loves providing multimedia weather content to consulting clients and the general public. His leadership has helped grow the weather team. He helped grow the company through social media interaction, marketing and producing video content.

“I have loved this organization since i first came aboard 6 years ago,” said Ivey. “I am excited to enter this role and help focus on teamwork and providing great customer service to our clients and everyone that checks out our forecasts. Neoweather is well respected by many successful meteorologists and I want to continue to earn the respect of many more industry professionals as we grow our start up into a sustainable full time career for our dedicated staff. This makes me proud to help innovate our customized weather solutions and help businesses save time and money.”

Mark Spencer is taking over as vice president and COO. He has been with Neoweather since 2010 managing the companies finances, leading client services, and forecasting. Mark has been integral in helping the company grow through efficient management strategies and enticing visual presentations for viewers. His weather background is in aviation meteorology and he also works as an air traffic controller.

“Watching Neoweather grow has been very exciting in the past several years.  While most people will not see too much of a change from what you see today, we have big plans in place in order to grow the company and provide our consulting services to several industries as well as expand our outreach to the general public.  This is an exciting time at Neoweather as we continue to grow and innovate.”

“I trust in the organizations new management team”, commented Crookston. ” I believe they will continue to deliver high caliber services to our clients and focus on an enjoyable work culture within the organization.”


Neoweather, LLC is a weather consulting company based in Northeast Ohio.  We provide clients with customized weather data and analytics in order to help their company operate more efficiently and save money with accurate forecast data tailored to help them make operational decisions based on the weather.  Neoweather provides clients with area-specific weather forecasts, current conditions, severe weather decision support, and more.  We also provide the general public with forecasts and severe weather alerts through social media.  We have extensive knowledge and experience forecasting for all areas of Ohio.  Neoweather has more than 100,000 followers on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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