TORNADO WATCH Across Parts of Ohio & Pennsylvania

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A strong line of thunderstorms is currently developing across eastern Ohio,  racing quickly into western Pennsylvania this afternoon.  A TORNADO WATCH is in effect until 7 PM EDT for far Eastern Ohio,  Western Pennsylvania,  and northern West Virginia.  Damaging winds will be the main threat but the threat for tornadoes will also exist as a strong cold front moves through the region.


The Tornado Watch is shaded in magenta and is in effect through 7 PM this evening. A new Tornado Watch can be expected in the area outlined in magenta across Central Pennsylvania and Western New York.


The Storm Prediction Center will issue a new tornado watch for the magenta outlined area (above) soon.  A warmer and unstable airmass and favorable wind profiles aloft will be sufficient for a few tornadoes embedded within the line.  Additionally,  heavy rainfall is also expected and localized flooding could occur.  Strong to severe storms will move into central Pennsylvania by 4-5 PM and persist through the evening hours,  with storms diminishing around 10 PM.   By 10 PM,  the severe weather threat is over,  however, some strong storms may remain across eastern Pennsylvania and New York through midnight.


Here’s a look at our latest Futurecast:




Remember,  a Tornado WATCH means that conditions are FAVORABLE for the development of tornadoes.  It’s possible that a tornado could form at some point throughout the watch area.  This is the time to prepare;  begin placing your emergency supplies close to your safe spot.  Remember to seek shelter in the lowest level of your home.  If you have a basement,  go there.  If not,  go to the most interior room of your home without windows,  such as a bathroom or closet.  Gather any last minute supplies you need such as,  flash lights,  batteries,  water,  blankets,  food,  and medication.

A Tornado WARNING is the time to take shelter immediately.  It means that a tornado has been spotted or radar indicates that one could develop at any moment.  When a Tornado Warning is issued,  go to your safe spot and seek shelter.  Tune into local radio or TV stations,  NOAA Weather Radio,  or another local source of media for updates.

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