Tranquility for many, Slight Risk of Severe Weather Wednesday

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It is pretty quiet going across the United States as we head into the mid-week, so many persons will be experiencing nice spring days; albeit one preview worth noting is a slight risk of severe weather across the Midwest coming Wednesday.  A low pressure system will make its way across the plains today, and it will place portions of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska in the slight risk area by Wednesday.

A strong cold front will continue to advance southeast and overtake a dry line in the Midwest areas, further allowing the area to be conducive to severe weather risk.  The largest risks with storms that do develop are wind damage and hail; an isolated tornado event cannot be ruled out, either.  The figure at left highlights the area of most concern for the potential of aforementioned risks.


The greatest risk time frame will be late afternoon and into the evening, beginning in central Kansas likely.  This system will work its way toward Lake Michigan area, and a warm front draped across the area – followed by a trailing cold front – will present the marginal risk toward the western Great Lakes region.

Looking forward

Upon the passing of the system and movement into Thursday, only a marginal risk will remain over Ohio for Thursday; the system will weaken a bit with regard to severe weather parameters are it shifts into the Great Lakes region.

Heavier rainfall for Ohio, especially near the lakeshore and in northwest Ohio, is possible.  Over half-inch of rain could fall in some locations where heaviest rain persists.  Due to the timing of the system arrival in the Ohio region, severe weather will likely be kept to a minimum; albeit, aforementioned heavy rain and wind would be the biggest risks.

As the weather changes, keep up to date with your local stations, the National Weather Service, and other weather sources for your region.

-Robert Carroll

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